Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Midyear Blog Review

First, the past six months have reaffirmed my belief that published posts take on a life of their own. I never thought this post documenting a poster that combined Common Core with common double entendre would receive more clicks than any other post published during the past six months.

Second, my proofreading skills have deteriorated. Some posts have been very sloppy. I apologize and will attempt to do better.

Third, my New Year's Eve predictions about Annette Bosworth as a candidate and Steve Hickey's effort to repeal the death penalty were both proven true. My snarky prediction about the Susan Wismer/Joe Lowe primary contest was shown to be incorrect.

Fourth, I had hoped to average two posts per day. I'm not even close. I think I'll settle for beating last year's total.

Fifth, I've tried several, but I still haven't found an Android app for Blogger that I like. I would like to do more posts while away from home and free Wi-Fi. I would also like to avoid buying a mobile hotspot.

Sixth, I have done too many recent posts as lists. I need to get back to regular paragraphs.

That's probably enough naval gazing for today.

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