Thursday, March 14, 2013

$2,500 In One Day At Quodoba?

That's what Republican Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy spent as Republicans and President Obama were in fiscal cliff negotiations. That's a lot of tortillas, rice, beans, and guacamole.

(I have to make a run to Sioux Falls this weekend and I must confess that I'm torn between having lunch at Quodoba or eating a Chicago style hotdog with a limeade at Sonic.)

On a serious note, I'll stipulate that one will find that Democratic congresspeople and senators have made an equal number of outrageous purchases. But damn, when "House Speaker John Boehner’s office racked up $2,204.66 in coffee supply purchases during the month of November alone," I have to wonder if anyone in Washington remembers Folgers.

The totals for Boehner, McCarthy, and Eric Cantor seem to indicate the answer is no. No one seems to be able to bring lunch from home either.
A congressional audit report for October, November and December showed the top three Republican House leaders' offices spent almost $30,000 in "supplies and materials" - of which almost $24,000, or 80.4 percent, was for food and beverages. Some of their favorites were Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Joe Ragan’s coffee supplies, Dunkin Donuts, PF Chang's, Qdobi Mexican Grill and Taylor Gourmet, the records show.
(On a snarky side note, isn't Whole Foods some sort of liberal, health food store? Will the hypocrisy never end?)

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