Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Football and Morality Edition

From this Travis Waldron  post:
Football isn’t our most beautiful game, but it is our most pure. It combines speed, grace, and unadulterated brutality in a way that no other sport does, and there is something uniquely attractive about that. But I’m starting to question whether I should find that attractive, or whether I should even watch at all. . . . .
At what point does it become too much? At what point is our game more than just a weekend break from reality, a Friday night under the lights, a Saturday afternoon on campus, a Sunday on the couch? At what point do we — do I — become too conscious of the damage caused by the sheer violence of the game we love? At what point do we see our Junior Seaus and Dave Duersons as modern day gladiators who sacrificed their well-being, and ultimately, their lives for our entertainment? At what point do we realize that our Matt Saracens are jeopardizing their futures by playing a game they hope beyond hope will be their futures?


caheidelberger said...

We seem to be breaking a lot of kids with all these sports. I could easily be misremembering the past, but did we have as many kids limping around our schools on crutches and in knee braces or with arms in casts as we do now?

LK said...

I'm not sure it's more braces and casts, but they injuries seem ubiquitous.

The new concern about concussions makes me wonder how much schools failed kids in the past. I get emails about kids with concussions that I am sure would have been ignored 10 years ago. That number worries me.