Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mitt Romney And Bride-Napping: A Post Wherein I Try To Connect Unconnected Things

Hackers are holding Mitt Romney's tax returns hostage:
A team of hackers claims to have obtained Mitt Romney’s tax returns and say the documents will be released at the end of September unless the candidate transfers $1 million in Bitcoins, an online currency. The group allegedly stole the files from Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s Tennessee office on Aug. 25. If Romney fails to pay the ransom, the hackers say, “the entire world will be allowed to view the documents with a publicly released key to unlock everything.”
If I were searching for these folks, I might try looking in Romania where demanding ransom seems to be a regular occurrence:
It's one of Romania's more colorful customs: bride-napping. And the tradition of snatching the bride from under the nose of groom and guests with the wedding party in full swing is getting bigger, brasher and an increasingly common sight in the Romanian capital, the Balkans' undisputed party town.
Every Saturday night, brides from Bucharest and beyond are dragged away in a mock abduction by friends and driven to a top tourist spot where they are "held hostage" — all the while pouting, dancing and striking provocative poses for the cameras.
The ransom: a few bottles of whiskey or perhaps something more romantic, like a public declaration of love from the abandoned groom. The kidnappers negotiate by phone, working out the details of the payoff. It's all harmless theatrics meant to add a whiff of risque fun to the nuptials.
I am, of course, not a criminologist nor do I play one on TV. I also don't know how much whiskey $1 million Bitcoins will buy.

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