Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On Professional Wrestling And Politics

Writing at The American Conservative, Jack Hunter compares politics to professional wrestling:
More than anything else, my first Republican National Convention reminded me of another type of event I’ve been to hundreds of times: professional wrestling. This is by no means exclusive to Republicans, as the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte will no doubt prove every bit as scripted and contrived as the GOP’s Tampa gathering. But I did not have a ringside seat for the DNC (which was fine with me). Still, throughout my Republican convention experience, I could not help but think — is this the RNC or WWE?
He concludes, "I’m also convinced that the greatest difference between wrestling fans and political fans is that most wrestling fans realize what they’re watching isn’t real."

I stopped following professional wrestling regularly in 2007 after Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son before committing suicide. The autoposy revealed brain damage caused by his actions in the ring.

I've never been to a convention, but the Sunday morning gabfests are rapidly becoming as mind-numbing and as formulaic as a pro wrestling match. The face makes statements that partisans cheer. The heel makes statements guaranteed to provoke reactions, usually boos. Meanwhile, the host, like every pro wrestling referee appears overwhelmed and clueless. The only thing missing is the pyro and music as each participant approaches the table.

Talk radio and Super PAC ads are even worse. Fox and MSNBC probably have plans for music and pyro.

If the situation were merely wrestling entertainment disguised as politics, one could ignore it. Because the partisans on both sides mimic their heroes in the political ring and public discourse devolves into the screaming sans substance that characterizes each WWE or TNA interview.

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MikeLarson said...

I know you are not planning to vote for Romney or Obama, but I hope you caught Michelle's speech. It was a work of rhetorical art in my opinion.