Friday, May 11, 2012

Weird Education Story Of The Day

School teachers in England have reportedly been told to lighten up on correcting spelling errors by their students because it might hurt the children's feelings and lower their self-esteem. They're also being advised, say several alarmed members of Parliament, not to correct more than three mistakes because too much red ink will discourage the poor darlings. MP Andrew Selous said he fears the pampering policy, which he calls an "act of false kindness" and which is reportedly supported by parents' online forums, is being practiced in "thousands of school across the country" and must stop of if students are to be given the "fundamental skills needed in the job market." And no, spell-check doesn't cut it.


caheidelberger said...

We're getting this in the lower grades here in Spearfish, where my daughter is being allowed to write phonetically... to simply write words however they sound to her. Some first-graders prepared handouts on the big K-1 transition for the kindergartners, and those handouts were filled with the same phonetic spelling. After we've spent hundreds of years developing the spelling of contemporary English, I rather hate for my daughter to have to reinvent spelling for herself. Let the kids do some free-writing in their journals, but let's teach them now that final products need to be spelled right so that other people can read them. Writing is about communication; spelling builds a common link.

caheidelberger said...

...and I haven't noticed my daughter feeling bad when I tell her how to spell things. She rather enjoys getting things right.