Thursday, May 10, 2012

House Republicans Nick The Census Man

These paragraphs from this Huffington Post article caught my eye.
The House voted Wednesday to eliminate the detailed surveys of America that have been conducted by the Census Bureau since the nation’s earliest days. . . .
The survey is not part of the constitutionally mandated population count, but some version of it has been done by law as part of the decennial survey since the time of Thomas Jefferson to assess the needs of the nation. It’s generally considered a vital tool for business
Republicans, acknowledging its usefulness, attacked the survey as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy, arguing that the government has no business knowing how many flush toilets someone has, for instance.
I am not unsympathetic to the view that the government should not demand personal information from people.  When the House Republicans, however, assert that questions about the number of flush toilets in one's home are invasive but CISPA isn't, I get the feeling I am witnessing the operative definition of oxymoron.

I would also suggest that this vote reaffirms a Republican stereotype that Republicans would be well served to try to change.

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