Friday, May 11, 2012

A Minor Comic Book Geek Musing About Education

Last evening, young Ms. Plainsgirl, home from college for a brief visit, and I went to The Avengers.  She believes the Hulk to be the coolest Avenger.

I too identify with the Hulk, but the mythology teacher in me holds a strong affinity for Thor as well.

In the Marvel Universe, the billionaire industrialist, the secret government agency, the last vestiges of the greatest generation, a male and female spy who may or may not be dating, the Norse thunder god, and the large angry guy all unite to save the world.

It made me want to go live on Earth-616.* Here on Earth Prime/1218/0000 the billionaire industrialists like Bill Gates or the Koch brothers, the angry members of the tea parties, and national and state government officials like Arne Duncan, Dennis Daugaard, and Melody Schopp all seem intent on weaking public schools to the point that they no longer serve any real purpose

I guess that makes American teachers on this Earth mutants like the X-Men.

*I know the movie universe and the comic universe differ; there's only so much geek I'm willing to do for the sake of this comparison.

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