Sunday, January 1, 2012

Barbara Walters Gets Her Own Color

Rod Dreher posts this little tidbit on his blog at the American Conservative:
Have you ever heard of the color “Barbara Walters Beige”? You have now. I’m told by a friend who works at Angola State Penitentiary, which is in the northern part of West Feliciana Parish, that a few years ago, Barbara Walters did a show from the lethal injection room at the prison. In doing pre-production prep work, she decided that the color of the paint on the wall did not flatter her skin tone. So she had her own people come in and repaint the walls of the death chamber to go better with her skin. At the prison, the new death chamber color is informally referred to as “Barbara Walters Beige.”
I may be reading too much into this anecdote, but this little event, if true, says a lot about America's cult of celebrity and cavalier attitude toward retribution.

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