Monday, September 26, 2011

More Reasons I Won't Be A Republican

I started my Republican list here.  I began the Democrat list here.

4. Torture:  I know I'm supposed to call it "enhanced interrogation."  That Orwellian phrasing makes it worse.  Torture is evil.  I won't side with those who support it.

5. The creation of a de facto parliamentary system in Congress.  I know both parties do some knee jerk party line votes, but the Gingrich Contract with/for/on America and the recent political games played by Representatives Boehner and Cantor have destroyed much of the genius behind the system the founders created and left us with a parliament not a congress

6. The alliance with talk radio that has entrenched a public discourse that favors wrath, volume, and talking points over wisdom and reasoned discourse.

7. The effort to turn patriotism into an act of exclusivity rather than exclusivity.  The flag lapel pin is a gimmick to illustrate "we're more patriotic than you who don't wear the pin" and then there's Michele Bachmann who wants Congress to be investigated for anti-American views.

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