Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reasons I Won't Be A Democrat

I started my list of reasons that I won't be a Republican a couple of days ago.  Today, I'll start my list of reasons that I won't me a Democrat.  I'll be adding to both lists.

1. I live in South Dakota.  If I were to join a party here, it would make more sense to join the Republican party and to elect conservatives to protect myself from the reactionaries. I disagree with the former but am frightened by the latter. I have lost hope that reasonable moderates have any future in this state.

2. NCLB was terrible.  Race To The Top is worse.  Teachers came out in droves for Obama; he rewarded them with Arne Duncan's contempt.

3. It may be a cliche, but it's also usually true: the proof is in the pudding.  For all of their talk about being for the little guy, Democrats recent accomplishments to help the average American are few and far between.  The stimulus and TARP protected Wall Street.  Democratic leaders paid lip service to the evils of "too big to fail, but entrenched the corporate structures that nearly destroyed the economy.  If I live my allotted threescore and ten, I'll get to see 2008 repeated.

4. Democrats are politically inept.  At a personal level turning the other cheek may be moral, decent, and desirable.  In politics, meeting in the middle demands moving away from extremes of of the political opposition not toward them.  To use a really bad example, if the Republicans were to suggest cutting off the hands of every thief, Democrats should suggest releasing every bank robber who donates the money to poverty reduction.  If this example were to be proposed, I believe the Democrats would suggest that a compromise of cutting off three fingers but leaving the rest of the hand attached to the wrist.

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caheidelberger said...

Don't make me vote for Nader again. Perhaps the question before us is whether we can more effectively reform the Republic by building a viable third party or by reforming one of the two major parties. If the Tea Party isn't just a repackaging of the corporate GOP, most of its members appear to be leaning toward the latter solution.