Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Left For A Week And Nothing Changed

I had to take a week to learn more about oceans for the policy debate topic, read Things Fall Apart as a teacher rather than a reader, survive homecoming activities and few other real life nuisances, so I maintained blog absence for most of the past week.

I was worried that I may have missed something, but a quick scan of Madville Times shows that Democrats are still trying to hang the EB-5 albatross around Mike Rounds neck. Meanwhile, Dakota War College continues it efforts to show Democrats to be incompetent or duplicitous or both.

Other stories of interest remained stable Attorney General candidate Chad Haber still does weird stuff and Brad Ford continues to write the weirdest posts in the South Dakota blogosphere. Oh yeah, South Dakota teacher pay is still the worst in the nation.

Regular blogging here will hopefully soon resume

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