Monday, September 15, 2014

A Minor Musing On EB-5 And Logical Fallicies

Over at Madville, Cory has been beating a consistent drum about the irregularities in the EB-5 program that lost millions. His posts point to malfeasance that illustrates a culture of corruption under the Mike Rounds administration

PNR has been more circumspect when posting about this matter, but this post has him concluding that Mike Rounds may have been guilty of mismanagement.

Normally, I would reject the either Rounds is either a crook or an incompetent argument as an either/or logical fallacy. Rounds, however, has not offered a plausible alternative to either scenario, so until he does, one is left concluding that a vote for Rounds represents support for corruption or incompetence or both. I not sure why anyone would want to cast that vote.

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P&R said...

Elections are always a matter of deciding which candidate's flaws are more tolerable, or off-set by relative strengths.

If Rounds is guilty of mismanagement, it does not follow that Weiland or Pressler would be better senators, or that they would better represent the interests of South Dakota in the nation's capitol.

It is not irrational to think they might be, but Rounds' flaws are not, in themselves, sufficient to support that thesis.