Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Does Bob Ellis Have Political Porphyria?

Porphyria is sometimes known as vampire disease.
One of the most interesting "vampire diseases" is porphyria. Porphyria is a rare disease characterized by irregularities in production of heme, an iron-rich pigment in blood. People with the more severe forms of porphyria are highly sensitive to sunlight, experience severe abdominal pain and may suffer from acute delirium. One possible treatment for porphyria in the past might have been to drink blood, to correct the imbalance in the body (though there's no clear evidence of this). Some porphyria sufferers do have reddish mouths and teeth, due to irregular production of the heme pigment. Porphyria is hereditary, so there may have been concentrations of sufferers in certain areas throughout history.
Bob Ellis, the angriest man in the South Dakota blogosphere, loves to toss out the blood red political meat to defend Gordon Howie.
Of course, there’s a whole lot of anti-conservatism and smearing of conservatives from liberals in the Republican Party these days.
This is far from the first time the pro-Rounds liberals have tried to smear Howie as “racist.” And Howie isn’t the only conservative to earn the “race card” from the liberals infesting the Republican Party. You may recall that they lied about South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen several months ago for trying to protect religious liberty from homosexual activists, like some of them smeared South Dakota Rep. Manny Steele as a “racist” a few years ago for trying to deal with illegal immigration.
And let’s not forget that the RINO establishment tried to smear Tea Party-supported Chris McDaniel in Mississippi as a racist recently, jumping into bed with Democrats in gross vote fraud. Liberals have long enjoyed repeating the lie of Tea Party racism.
Like typical liberals, they have no interest in the truth. Lacking any substantive defense of their liberal betrayals, they just keep repeating the same lies, trusting that people too busy or shallow to seek out the truth will buy their snake oil. Whether they are in the Democrat Party or the “Republican” Party, liberals are all the same: scorched earth politics, with no lie too low.
Those paragraphs have a lot of red blood cells: "smear," "lie," "race card," "liberals infest," "homosexual activists," "RINO establishment," "jumping into bed with Democrats," "typical liberals," "liberal betrayals" "people too . . . shallow to seek out the truth will buy their snake oil," "same scorched earth politics," "no lie too low."

If all of that blood red political ranting helps Ellis deal with his political porphyria symptoms, more power to him. The rants won't explain away Brad Ford.

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