Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is Susan Wismer Actually Seeking The Democratic Nomination For Governor?

I ask because I see no campaign presence anywhere and the election is less than a month away.

Granted, our household got rid of cable and are viewing only Netflix and Hulu Plus on the television, so I won't see any ads there. However, I would expect to see ads on YouTube,  but when I do a YouTube search, I see no Wismer campaign videos. I see several for Joe Lowe.

I don't read the hard copy of the local paper every day, but I have seen no ads when I do. I've driven from home to Mitchell and Sioux Falls within the past two weeks and haven't seen a road sign. The job isn't conducive to listening to the radio, so if a reader can reliably inform me of a large radio presence, I'll take that as evidence of campaigning.

During the weekend, I checked her website on my phone. Let's just say that a Scott Heidepriem endorsement should not be both the top news story and the featured element on the home page tab.

I had planned to register Republican to vote in the U.S. Senate primary and cast the most disruptive vote possible. Unfortunately, that vote would have had to go to Bosworth, but I have a conscience that I don't want troubling me for the next 20 years. Voting for Bosworth would have had that effect, not to mention the eternal damage that vote would have done to my soul.

In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't switch registration. As an independent I can vote in the Democratic primary and cast a vote for Lowe. I don't know that much about him, but at least he has something of a campaign presence. If I want a two party system in the state, having an opposition party candidate who will campaign is better than having an opposition candidate who won't.

If Wismer believes this race is about the Democratic establishment, such as it exists in South Dakota, showing that they will bring out the vote for one of their own, then Governor Daugaard may top 75% in the general election if she is the nominee. That result will not help develop a functioning two-party system within the state.

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