Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Try To Make Sense Of The "Jason Ravnsborg Is A Mike Rounds Plant" Storyline

Throughout an interminable albeit entertaining primary season the comment sections of Dakota War College have been filled with charges that one or more of Mike Rounds's challengers is a plant to draw votes away from one of the other candidates, usually Stace Nelson.

The most recent candidate to be charged with being a plant is Jason Ravnsborg. In the past few days, Ken Crow, a former campaign associate has claimed that Ravnsborg was not attempting to win the race. Ravnsborg may or may not have fired Crow.

I like stories of political intrigue more than the next person, but I also believe William of Ockham held a pretty sharp razor, so I tried to see if seeing and hearing the story play out helped it make sense.

After hearing and seeing the story play out. the conspiracy still doesn't make sense. I, therefore, offer another Plainsman corollary to a famous principle: without firm proof, never attribute to a conspiracy that which can easily be answered by incompetence or self-aggrandizement.

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