Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Help Stace Nelson Learn About Pop Culture And Give Jason Ravnsborg A Theme Song (Sort Of)

Stace Nelson apparently said some impolitic things equating himself with Mark Harmon while contending that Jason Ravnsborg was Greg Evigan. (You young'uns will will have to follow the links to learn about bad TV from the early 21st Century and the late 1970s.)

There may not have been a TV show about military truck drivers in Iraq, but Steve Earle did give them their own song in 2004.

Steve Earle is, of course, rather famous for his liberal leanings. He may not give Ravnsborg permission to use the song. Besides Nelson will likely just use the song as an excuse to call Ravnsborg a RINO.


PP at the SDWC said...

I don't know that Ravnsborg had a monkey. Unless they issue them.

Kal Lis said...

I was going to go with Claude Akins but Movin' On was even further back than BJ and the Bear.

I'm standing by the song. Nelson made the trucker comment