Tuesday, May 20, 2014

About That New Mike Rounds Ad

Rounds may have produced the most boring ad for this cycle.

I guess Mike is a leader. He's got vision too. A young woman, a senior citizen, and mature gentleman told me so. Mike smiles a friendly insurance salesman smile too. The video has him smiling that smile as he tells the audience that he approved this message.

The ad doesn't tell me where Rounds is going to lead South Dakota or the nation. No one explains what his vision is. More importantly, it doesn't give viewers a single reason to trust him. Watching well-coached people tell me to trust someone is usually a cue to distrust the candidate.

On the plus side, speech teachers have a good example of the glittering generalities propaganda technique. Absent context words like "leader" and "vision" are meaningless.

It also allows one to point out visual cues like the Voices of Freedom book box prominently displayed in the center of the frame at about 5 seconds in. I'm guessing it's this book, an oral history of the Civil Rights movement.Of course that bit of product placement might backfire. There's probably a conservative commentator somewhere who has claimed the book is full of liberal lies. Using that book box as a prop may cause some to confirm their belief Rounds is a RINO.

Either way, the ad is short, so students probably won't fall asleep.

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P&R said...

It is bland, I'll grant. But then, this is a state where aesthetic tastes run to bland generally. And when one compares Gov. Bland to the two more colorful GOP hopefuls, he looks even better.