Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Much Did Bill Gates Pay For The Common Core?

When I was in high school and Watergate was in the news, the maxim was follow the money. That premise holds up well when it comes to education as well.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, the company that is losing the tech wars to both Apple and Google, has invested a lot of money to shape and implement the Common Core. Mercedes Schneider has many of the details. The whole post is worth reading, especially since it is all about following money not the U.N. or black helicopters.

I'll cut and past one section that shows Gates's support of the Council of Chief State School Officers:
As for CCSSO: The Gates amounts are even higher than for NGA. Prior to June 2009, the Gates Foundation gave $47.1 million to CCSSO (from 2002 to 2007), with the largest amount focused on data “access” and “data driven decisions”:
March 2007 Purpose: to support Phase II of the National Education Data Partnership seeking to promote transparency and accessibility of education data and improve public education through data-driven decision making Amount: $21,642,317 [Emphasis added.]
Following CCSS completion in June 2009, Gates funded CCSSO an additional $31.9 million, with the largest grants earmarked for CSSS implementation and assessment, and data acquisition and control:
July 2013 Purpose: to CCSSO, on behalf of the PARCC and SBAC consortia to support the development of high quality assessments to measure the Common Core State Standards Amount: $4,000,000
November 2012 Purpose: to support the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in helping States’ to build their data inoperability capability and IT leadership capacity Amount: $1,277,648
October 2012 Purpose: to support strategic planning for the sustainability of the Common Core State Standards and the two multi-state assessment consortia tasked with designing assessments aligned with those standards Amount: $1,100,000
June 2011 Purpose: to support the Common Core State Standards work Amount: $9,388,911
November 2009 Purpose: to partner with federal, state, public, and private interests to develop common, open, longitudinal data standards Amount: $3,185,750
July 2009 Purpose: to increase the leadership capacity of chiefs by focusing on standards and assessmentsdata systems, educator development and determining a new system of supports for student learning 
Amount: $9,961,842  [Emphasis added.]
Gates money also flowed to Achieve, Inc.; prior to June 2009, Achieve received $23.5 million in Gates funding. Another $13.2 million followed after CCSS creation, with $9.3 million devoted to “building strategic alliances” for CCSS promotion:
 June 2012 Purpose: to strengthen and expand the ADP Network, providemore support to states for CCSS implementation, and build strategic nationaland statewide alliances by engaging directly with key stakeholders Amount: $9,297,699  [Emphasis added.]
CCSS is not “state led.” It is “Gates led.”
How foolish it is to believe that the man with the checkbook is not calling the CCSS shots.
I didn't pull out the calculator, but a quick look at the numbers suggests Gates has spent around $40 million since 2009 to help just one organization implement the Core.

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Steve Sibson said...

If you follow the money far enough you will find a contract Gates has with UNESCO. And helicopters is old school. Today they use drones.