Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Does John Boehner Attend Cosplay Conventions As Emperor Palpatine?

Yesterday, before South Dakota bloggers gained status as journalists, many viewed bloggers as people who behaved the way John Clayton does in this ESPN Sports Center advertisement:

Politicians, of course, are far more serious individuals. They serve on select committees, create laws, and determine the course the nation will take. Unless, of course, one happens to be a Republican House member who advises Speaker John Boehner how to proceed on the debt ceiling. Then one can be a member of the Jedi Council:
One example of where the fissure line is: A letter calling on leadership to use the CR to defund Obamacare authored by Representative Mark Meadows split the “Jedi Council,” a secretive group of top conservatives helping Boehner sketch a debt-ceiling strategy. Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise signed the letter, while Paul Ryan, Tom Price, and Jeb Hensarling did not.
The group is as secretive as any collection of pop culture enthusiasts who take their obsession one step too far:
The House’s Jedi Council is unusually secretive. No aides are permitted to attend their meetings. At their June 13 meeting, they decided not to give interviews about the group, amid concerns that doing so could interfere with delicate negotiations, after which they did not provide any assistance for this article. Ryan’s office did not respond to a request for comment on the topic at all. In its first two years, almost no one knew the group existed, and nobody could identify anything it had done. In the last Congress, both Hensarling and Price were part of the House leadership team, and Jordan was RSC chairman; their formal positions of power may have helped obscure any coordination among them. 
The lawmaker Jedi wannabes also seem to have a fondness for cosplay:
If the fact that the five lawmakers named their group after a piece of Star Wars trivia doesn’t convince you they are nerds, you may be interested to learn that they once posed for a photograph wielding toy lightsabers.
I seriously wish this were a joke, but the fact that people setting our nation's policy are taking their lead from movie characters who were ultimately defeated and had their beloved Republic turned into an evil empire is somehow disconcerting, especially since some Jedi Council members hastened the Republic's demise by ignoring the central issues facing the Republic. I won't go into the comparisons between corporate cronyism and the Commerce Guild.

Granted, Obi Wan and Yoda went into exile and were able to assist rebels who ultimately defeated Palpatine and Darth Vader. Unfortunately, I don't see any congressperson with Obi Wan's wisdom. Vader would likely observe, "The Force is weak in these ones." As for one of them approaching the level of Yoda, I believe the real Jedi master would say, "Like Yoda none of you are."

As a blogger who has a real job and doesn't live in his Mom's basement, I have only one thing to say the lawmakers who seem to have confused fiction with reality: Grow up, do your jobs, and leave the cosplay to those who know they're doing.

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M Larson said...

Obi Wan to John Boehner:

"Sir, I know Yoda. I was trained by Yoda's apprentice. Yoda was a good friend of mine. You sir, Yoda are not!"

Your nerd status is now safe for another 10 years. Thanks for the scary and fascinating information.