Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rape Culture Not Limited To Military

People have ignored  prison rape for decades. Rape in the military has become a front page issue and garnered Congressional attention. Now, it appears college campuses are home to serial rapists:
At least one-quarter of women are sexually assaulted during their college years, according to studies published as recently as 2000 by the U.S. Justice Department and crime researchers. About 27 percent of college women are raped or suffer attempted rape, according to researchers at Wayne State University.
A relatively small minority of men are responsible for most of these attacks, according to David Lisak, a former University of Massachusetts clinical psychologist who consults to the U.S. military and colleges on sexual assault.
In Lisak’s study of 1,882 college men, 120 admitted committing rape or attempted rape. They admitted to 483, or an average of 4 assaults each.
I've got a step-daughter in college now. Every year I write recommendations to help young women get admitted to college or to get scholarships to pay for college. These numbers frighten me. A lot.

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P&R said...

Two things:
1) When one tosses out statements that "X number of women are sexually assaulted" it, sadly, becomes necessary to define sexual assault. I've been on the receiving end of "education" that essentially accuses every man of being a rapist, and some feminists have gone so far as to flatly state that ALL sex is rape. They claim it is merely intended to further a patriarchal power structure blah blah blah. Yes, I remember. If she says, "no" it means "no" - but what if she doesn't say it until the following morning? I could point to two cases in my personal experience where that's what happened.

I don't want to criminalize normal male-female relations any more than I want to let rape go unpunished.

2) Lisak's stats, if accurate, amount to 6.4% of men as the culprits. Which means 93.6% aren't. That's not a "rape culture." That's a small percentage of criminals in the general male population. Roughly 1 in 18 men are in the prison/parole system in the U.S. - 5.5%. That does not mean we have a prison or criminal culture.

It's a problem, yes. But let's not buy in to the hysteria and make it more than it really is.