Friday, June 14, 2013

Plains Pops: Travel Edition

I am traveling to Birmingham, Alabama with one of my debaters who qualified in congressional debate, so posting will be light and erratic. Also, I am trying a new phone ap, so I don't know if the font will match. If necessary I'll try to fix things when I return. It may also take me a day or two to respond to comments

I'll offer a few observations about what I have seen today as we passed through areas south of Kansas City.

First, South Dakota cattle look healthier than most of the cattle we passed.

Second, I'm sure the folk who live in the towns we have driven through love Jesus, but their churches look like warehouses. I'm not sure what I think about warehousing Jesus. (I know He doesn't live in the buildings, but.  . . )

Third, I am travelling with another coach and his students. We need to get the young'uns travelling with us to eat grits in a Waffle House. Their education will be incomplete if we don't.


caheidelberger said...

Grits lower your center of gravity, help you keep your balance during CX.

Troy said...

Email me. I think you have my email address. If not, Pat and Cory do. I would like it if you would look up someone also there for the same reason.

Kal Lis said...


I've sent Cory and email and will get in touch when he contacts me.