Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plains Pops: Totally Useless Information Edition

Stephen Colbert did a commercial for a Nebraska bank chain:
From the AP:
Frank Bank, who played oafish troublemaker Lumpy on the sitcom "Leave It to Beaver," has died. He was 71.
Beer releases more dopamine than water:
The effect was significant. When the men tasted the beer, their brains released much higher levels of dopamine within minutes, compared to when the same test was conducted on the subjects at other times with both water and Gatorade. They were also asked to rate how much they “craved” a beer at several points during the experiment, and perhaps less surprisingly, their cravings were generally much higher after tasting beer than Gatorade or water.
 It's National Poetry Month and the early part of baseball season. This photo combines both.

Baseball Season: Marianne Moore throwing out the first pitch 1968.

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