Friday, April 12, 2013

How's This Same Sex Marriage Evolution Going To Play With The South Dakota Republican Base?

Some South Dakota Republicans have have been kvetching that the Republican party and its candidates have not been Republican enough. They also vociferously also oppose same-sex marriage.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has before it a draft resolution that seems to repeat the standard Republican position that marriage should be solely between one man and one woman.

A group of self-described young conservatives has deemed the resolution 'objectionable" and claim that it "offends most Americans." They further assert that Republicans should not "hypocritically support this intrusion of Big Government into the private and peaceful lives of our family members, friends, and neighbors" before concluding:
As young conservatives, we call on the members of the Republican National Committee to dismiss this resolution out of hand and save the Party from further marginalization. Instead, we should look to the leadership of elected leaders like Senators Portman and Kirk and Representatives Ros-Lehtinen and Hanna who are already leading the way to a stronger and more consistent conservative movement
Two of the signatories are S.E. Cupp and Meghan McCain, hardly invisible players in conservative circles.

I expect that the RNC will take the Liz Cheney route and announce that the marriage issue must happen on a state by state basis. Federalism has long been a Republican safe fallback position. In fact, I believe some Republicans have added "Blessed be those who let the states decide" in the margins of their Bibles next to the Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

On a related note, I doubt if Cheney will get any questions about her stance when she speaks in Rapid City later this month. I would like to see a poll to learn if most conference-goers will agree with her stand about the State Department policy offering benefits to same-sex partners, but I doubt that will happen. Agenda 21 and Sharia Law seem to be far weightier issues in some conservative circles.. Perhaps they the conferees will be spending most of their time discussing how the 2nd Amendment was never meant to apply to jihadists.

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