Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Minor Musing About Political Glasses: Rose-colored And Half Empty

I'm catching up on my South Dakota blogosphere reading and came across these little tidbits that I found interesting.

Pat Powers, as his his wont, shills for the Republican monopoly that has dominated South Dakota politics  and points to stats that say that South Dakota is the 7th best run state in the nation.

Meanwhile, Constant Conservative takes the bloom off the rose colored eyewear and points out that South Dakota gets more help from the federal government than most other states: forty-six of them to be exact.
South Dakota is number 4 in the nation for percentage of the state budget underwritten by the federal government. Check out the Tax Foundation for the details.
I know that I have a resolution to say something positive about Daugaard, but boasting about a budget surplus and preaching self-reliance while taking advantage of federal largess seems duplicitous at best.

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