Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Will Dungeons And Dragons Predict the Election?

GeekDad covers an event that has D&D players attempting to defeat Obama or Romney characters.
Casey Jex Smith staged an event for his show Fiend in the Void, a solo exhibition of gaming-inspired works on paper and sculpture. At the opening party, volunteers rolled dice and tried to kill off the characters “King Belian Shipsale” (Obama) and “Lord Spelldyal” (Romney). The last man — er, character — standing determined how Smith would cast his vote in his home state of Ohio. Really.
The entire event is too geeky for me to try to paraphrase or  even quote, but the conclusion sounds dramatic:
The two contestants rolled giant d20s into a box that resembled a craps table. Obama used a d12 for damage and Mitt a d10. Then came the climactic moment: “The hits went back and forth until Mitt had 10 hit points and Obama had 20,” Smith said. The final roll took Mitt to -1 hit points. Smith pronounced [Obama] the victor and finished saying “My vote binds the future.”
Sounds awful dramatic.

I'm a little disappointed that Libertarian Gary Johnson, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, or the Green Party's Jill Stein weren't also characters in the game. I guess even D&D is a victim of America's political duopoly.

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