Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How I Spend This Day Of Summer Vacation

Gotta love adapting cliches for titles of posts.

I am taking a two day workshop "How to Think Like Da Vinci" from USF. During the course of the day, we had to come up with 100 questions.

I tried to be snarky and asked, "What can one do to survive a zombie apocalypse?" I also tried to be profound and asked, "What practice that is accepted now will future generations view in the same way that we view slavery?" I released my inner curmudgeon and asked, "Why soccer?" I even went for the counter-factual, "What would have happened if the South has successfully seceded?" (I hope I get bonus points for alliteration.) That counter-factual question led to another: "What would Da Vinci have been able to do with computer technology?"

Imagine my chagrin when I clicked on Bob Mercer's blog and found a profound and practical question that I had never considered. Mercer reports that South Dakota has only 479 millionaires and asks, "What would need to be done to have 10 times that many by 2020?"

I think that I'll turn in 101 questions; What's the format for citing a political blog?

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