Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Minor Musing About Permanent Political Climate Change

When people discuss climate change, someone usually feels the urge to remind everyone that weather and climate are different. This is an election year, so the political weather may just be undergoing a regular cycle. I'm not optimistic, however. It may be time to worry about permanent political climate change.

Political seasons used to be predictable.  The year began with tax-and-spend rains, followed by weak-on-defense heat waves. Then, there were the conspiracy season chills followed by a scandal sleet .

This year the weak-on defense season has been so mild that I haven't noticed it.  In fact, some youngsters might not even know that weak-on-defense season exists.

Conspiracy theory winds seem to have lasted forever. The birther humidity seems to come more often, but it has been relatively mild. Sharia Law and Muslim terrorist freezes have lasted much longer than most full conspiracy seasons. The winds of Sharia Law panic have "roiled" some regional political waters, and Michele Bachmann has conjured up a Muslim infiltration front.

Tax-and-spend-liberal season didn't register with me this year. Instead, we've have full fledged Marxism monsoons that seem to have lasted forever.  In April, Allen West claimed that Congress was rife with Marxists, and nearly four months later David Liss is still seeking to "identify and remove" them. The depth and intensity of these Marxist storms have old-timers claiming that these Marxism storms are worse than the ones in the early 1950s. That fact leads me to believe we may be entering an era of full fledged Marxist seasons.

If the political climate has truly been altered, both tax-and-spend liberal season and weak-on-defense season may disappear.  The country will then be confronted by a political climate that begins with socialism season, goes into conspiracy-theory season, which in turn leads to a Marxism season that is as long as tax-and-spend liberal and weak-on-defense season combined. That cycle might be more dangerous than melting polar ice caps.

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