Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Teacher Weirdness: Let's Make America Unrecognizable

This Mental Floss tweet links to a 2008 post that discusses a Cal State University professor's proposal to change state boundaries and reduce the number of states from 50 to 38.  He also renames each state.  Some called the plan "crazy enough to work," a phrase that can be translated to "politically impossible to enact."

Here's a map that includes the major cities and the new state names.
The 38 States of America
Combining the Dakotas into a single Dakota makes sense.  I'm less positive about living in Platte while my brother gets to live in Superior; he knows he's superior to me; he doesn't need the reaffirmation of a state name..


D.E. Bishop said...

Actually, there are several parts that make sense. But why leave all those tiny little eastern states as is? Texas ought to be smaller yet. And what is the point of dividing up Alaska? The interior, "Seward" would be so unpopulated. There is no point in keeping the UP (Upper Peninsula) in "Mackinac." Dakota ought to be one state, but depriving the southern part of Rapid City and Sioux Falls doesn't work.
The prof should have asked MY opinion!

LK said...

The post said he was trying to balance the power of cities. It seems to goal is to not let the population of any single city dominate a much larger geographic area.

I'm guessing here, but putting SF in Platte would help SF and Sioux City balance out Omaha and Lincoln.

You are right, of course, the prof should have consulted you first

Mike Larson said...

I think I have a student congress bill in the making for next year!

irishred said...

I have often wondered why our founding fathers didn't divide the Dakotas as East and West Dakota using the river as a boundary.

Mountains and ranching naturally on the west and farming and plains on the east. Doesn't it make sense?

LK said...

The thing I like about this plan is that it implies that everyone else got it wrong too.