Monday, June 18, 2012

HB 1234 Red Herring Update

I feel like Cassandra from Troy.  In early May, I wrote that Governor Daugaard would demonize unions as part of his defense of HB 1234, his signature legislation that imposes merit pay along with a testing regime and decimates continuing contract.

Today, as petitions were being filed, Daugaard responded:
“I’m not surprised that the Teacher Bonus Bill was referred because the teachers’ union put a lot of work into collecting signatures. I look forward to furthering the discussion with the people of South Dakota on this very important topic. The bill is aimed at improving student achievement by channeling extra money directly to our best teachers and phasing out teacher tenure.”
Let's parse this brief statement.

Daugaard claims that a nebulous "teachers union" not classroom teachers oppose the HB 1234.  He is contending that the "union" is not composed of real South Dakotans, and that the "union" wants students to fail while he, the defender of all that is right and good, is all that stands between students and the abyss.

Chicken Little told everyone the sky is falling; Governor Daugaard will tell everyone that the unions will destroy South Dakota schools.  Given that an asteroid may have wiped out the dinosaurs, Chicken Little has more truth on her side.

HT: Mike Larson

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caheidelberger said...

Yes, you are a prophet. Now let's get prophetic in the Jeremiah sense and speak some hard truth to power!