Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And So It Starts....The Red Herring Slippery Slope Defense Of HB 1234

Bob Mercer issues a talking point that one will hear the Governor's supporters use to defend HB 1234: The Unions Will Come!!! The Unions Will Come!!! The Unions Will Come!!! Oh! The Horror!!! The Unions Will Come !!!!

The story will go something like this. HB 1234 is our sainted Governor's response to a uniquely South Dakota problem. (The fact that Republican governors Jindal, Walker, Christie et al. have proposed similar anti-teacher legislation will be conveniently ignored.)

This effort to save South Dakota schools from teachers is now going to be confounded by evil, vile out of state agitators who advocate terrible ideas like workers should be paid well. These heinous enemies of all that is right and good may even believe in evolution.

In this narrative, South Dakota teachers will be either the vanguard of a 5th column or witless dupes led astray by out of state agitators, the serpents in the South Dakota Eden. Focus group polling is likely taking place now to determine how to frame teachers in this debate.

Once the antagonists have been defined, the slippery slope will take shape. Unions will arrive in South Dakota; teachers will demand and receive more money; when teachers get paid more, other workers will demand hirer pay. When teachers get paid more, taxes will rise. When other workers get paid more, businesses will be less profitable. When taxes rise and businesses become less profitable, every business except McDonalds, which pays only minimum wage, will leave the state. When McDonalds is the only business left in a state, the citizens lives become nasty, brutish, and short.

The choice will be clear: either support "all of the . . . changes in the 65-section bill" or live in a state that allows outside agitators to provide "support for anti-1234 candidates for the Legislature and to campaign against the Republican incumbents who voted to pass 1234."

Governor Daugaard is likely negotiating right now to hire the person who created ads like this one for Direct TV to write ads for the save HB 1234 campaign.

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