Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Plains Pops: Evil And Happiness And Irony Edition

Google, who along with Apple and Microsoft may be the true "Axis of Evil," has a chief happiness officer.  Chade-Meng Tan, helped develop "a course called 'Search Inside Yourself,' designed to help Googlers improve their emotional intelligence and mindfulness, making them happier and more productive employees, and better bosses. Ultimately, his goal is to make the world in general a happier place for everyone."

Second, two of myfavorite supervillains were supposed to be "one-offs."  First, Captain America's nemesis Red Skull:
Though Red Skull is one of Captain America's earliest and most well-known enemies, he originally wasn't supposed to show up again after his first appearance. But as the fan base grew, the character was brought back into the story. Later issues revealed that the original Red Skull was a fake, and introduced the true villain, eventually shown to be Johann Schmidt. According to Marvel's page on the character, the modern version of Red Skull didn't show up until Tales of Suspense #66 in 1965. 
The most shocking character on IO9's list is the Joker:
The mad archvillain we all know and love was originally going to be killed off shortly after his debut=. At the end of the Joker's second appearance in Batman #2, he would have died after accidentally stabbing himself. Whitney Ellsworth, a DC editor, thought the Joker was too good a character to let die, so he had another panel drawn to show that the villain was still alive.
Thiid, I'll grant that Governor Daugaard may not be evil, but the testing über alles regime that he will usher in if HB 1234 stands will destroy student happiness and obliterate what's left of the state's teachers' morale.  The good Governor is also acting like a supervillain in his efforts to consolidate his power by endorsing legislative candidates in the primary election, an act that Joel Rosenthal, a former chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party, said . . .is unusual  . . . ."  One of the candidates that Daugaard endorsed sees himself as part of a “big team.”  Is it a coincidence that the Red Skull and the Joker also had teams of minions to help them enact their plans for conquest?

Let's review.  The conglomerate that violates users' privacy hired a person who seeks to make everyone happy.  Supervillains who were supposed to exist for only an issue or two have survived for decades, and a governor who has a reputation for being a good guy is recruiting people to help him enact a plan that will harm students worse than Google or the Joker would ever dream of.

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