Friday, May 25, 2012

I Had To Hear It To Believe It. . .

So I made this video, but I'm not sure that I believe it now.

Earlier today, I came across this Troy Jones post and accompanying Bob Ellis comments at Dakota War College. I re-read the post and comments.  The comments made little sense in relation to the post, so I decided I needed to hear the exchange.

I've never met Jones, but he and I have debated in the comments at The Madville Times. I agree with him on the death penalty, and I think he takes good stands on civil liberties.  He's spectacularly wrong on HB 1234, and we'd probably disagree on military spending.  I don't believe the U.S government should take 45 percent of GDP like Sweden does, but 16 percent seems low.  Whatever our disagreements, he has always been respectful and made cogent points.

To the best of my memory, I've never met or engaged in any online conversations with Ellis.

Here's a video that sums up the post and comments.  If anyone can made sense of it, please explain in the comments.


larry kurtz said...

Exactly, LK: barfoon best describes Ellis' performance art.

troy said...

You should come to the light. Your capacity for humor and the material given from the libs would make you famous. :)

John T. Spencer said...

In my state (Arizona), a Republican is generally a fascist (I mean that, not in an insult, but in identifying values of xenophobia, state-sponsoring of private entities, glorification of social conservatism, anti-immigration and nationalistic) and the Democrats are essentially moderate Republicans. We don't have any real progressives.

I wonder, in reading the post you linked, how much of this is regional.

LK said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll run through them in order.

Larry--you're right; Ellis is clownish, but he's one of the scary ones, not the funny ones.

Troy--Thanks. The fringes of both parties do make selective editing easy. I know moderates take a hit; people use the Jim Hightower comment about the middle of the road having only yellow lines and dead armadillos. If one drives on the shoulder of the road, one can get pulled into ditches that are filled with skunks and snakes. At best one emerges from the ditch smelling bad; at the worst, one emerges poisoned.

John--This comment indicates that Arizona's Republican party frightens at least one former South Dakota Republican.

I agree there may be regional differences. A friend of mine who serves as a state legislator. He considers himself a bedrock conservative but tells me he's on the left of the party caucus, so South Dakota may well be moving in Arizona's direction.

I wonder if some of the differences can be attributed to those who controls the party apparatus. The tea party/reactionary factions don't seem to control many positions within the party here.

The other difference may be population. Phoenix alone has nearly double the population of South Dakota. It may be easier to to control some of the fringes in a smaller state.

Still, I fear we're moving closer to what you describe every election.

Bob Ellis said...

As is typical from liberals, you left out 90% of what was said, moved things around, and generally distorted the facts and the truth to excuse your morally bankrupt ideology. Not that I expected any different. Like the scorpion who got a ride from the frog, its' simply what you do. And just another example that liberals must lie and deceive in order to have any hope of keeping their dead-end philosophy shambling on a little further. How pathetic. How predictably pathetic.

LK said...

Thanks for stopping by Bob.

Troy Jones said...

Bob, it is humor.