Saturday, May 19, 2012

Plains Pops: Random Saturday Morning Essay Questions

Answer the following complete sentences or original  color crayon artwork

Question 1: Is the following observation accurate?  Why or why not?  Use concrete examples to support the answer.
Question 2:  Which is more odious: a billionaire "withdrew his U.S. citizenship to save on taxes" or two senators who write legislation that specifically targets him and upends the rule of law by  putting" the burden of proof on individuals rather than the state"?  Read this post if you need more background information.  Once again provide concrete details to support your assertions.

Question 3:  Why can Sweden achieve the following but the United States can't?
But Sweden has made a turnaround since then, and by European standards today it's the picture of economic health: 7.5% unemployment last year, inflation below 2%, and GDP growth of 4.4%. The government's tax take has hovered at 45% of GDP for years, roughly in line with spending, and Swedish benefits remain comprehensive and guaranteed. Once again, Swedes appear to have figured out something the rest of Europe hasn't: Having their welfare state and paying for it too.
Question 4:  When I told one of my students, a junior girl, that Donna Summer had died, the young lady had no idea who Summer was or what songs she sang. Does that fact mean if live in a cultural hinterland?

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Deb Geelsdottir said...

1. They say that because they've been taught.

2. Do I have to pick one? Or can I say they are both hyper-odious? If I have to choose (whine, whine) I'll go with the billionaire.

3. GWB, Koch Bros, Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Joel Osteen, Tea Baggers. (Yes, I know that's a very skewed list, but it's what I feel like writing right now. I don't care.)

4. I live in a similar hinterland, only it's in St. Paul, MN. According to most teenagers, adults all live in a cultural hinterland.