Monday, January 2, 2012

Plains Pops: Quitting While Ahead Edition

I found this CNN opinion article discussing Tony LaRussa's decision to retire after winning the World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals interesting.  The contrast between the Beatles and Michael Jordan was provocative, but these paragraphs really caught my eye:
There is one kind of resolution, though, that very few of us will ever be in a position to make.

Somewhere today, someone at the very pinnacle of his or her career is thinking of doing in 2012 what Tony La Russa did in 2011:

Get out on top.

Willingly walk away and declare victory
The cynic in me wonders if people don't quit on top because they never get to the top or because being on top in a normal career doesn't offer enough financial security.

On a slightly happier note, Jim Kleinsasser retired on his terms after a 13 year career with the Minnesota Vikings.  As a fellow North Dakota native, I have always rooted for Kleinsasser who may have been one of the best blocking tight ends of the past twenty years.  I do wish they would have targeted him for a chance at one pass completion.

Finally, gamblers seldom get out while ahead, so the increase in Power Ball ticket prices may cause problems for some.  I voluntarily tax myself about $25-$50 a year playing Power Ball. I get as much entertainment value out of it as I do taking my wife out to a movie.  If I buy popcorn and soda, the movie probably costs $30.  Still, South Dakota uses scratch games and Power Ball to generate revenue by taxing the most gullible; this price increase may cause trouble for some.

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