Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why I Continue To Wish A Pox On The Houses Of Both Political Parties

The New York Times recently reported that Mitt Romney continues to make millions of dollars per year from Bain Capital., an investment company that makes millions laying off workers, even though he left the company over a decade ago.  Anyone who criticizes Romney for earning money by increasing the misery of average American workers loves the Soviet Union, at least that's Mitt's spin.

Democrats may not be able to take advantage of Mitt's record, however.  Writing at the Frum Forum, Fred Bauer points out,
However, there are numerous reasons not to overestimate the potential effectiveness of White House attacks on Romney over Wall Street connections.

Perhaps foremost among them is the White House’s own very deep connections to Wall Street. Cabinet figures like Tim Geithner and White House allies like Jon Corzine are the embodiment of Wall Street insiders—they make Mitt Romney look like a secretary at the Merrill Lynch branch office in Fargo, North Dakota. Many of Obama’s top advisors come from the world of Wall Street. Any attacks on Romney’s Street connections immediately open Obama up to the countercharge of hypocrisy: if Wall Street is so bad, why do you choose to people your administration with Streeters and have Wall Street tycoons as central fund-raisers for your presidential campaign?
Bauer is overstating his case, Kennedy was a son of wealth and privilege and he was able to paint Romney into a corner.  Obama probably can do the same.

That being said, Wall Street will continue to dominate both parties, so I guess we'll keep seeing pictures like this one.

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