Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Sites Are Found In My Open Tabs?

It's that merry time of year when everyone starts publishing year end lists; I've decided to play along a bit and do a few lists between now and the start of 2012.  Up first, in no particular order, the daily reads.

The Madville Times:  Everything about South Dakota that's fit to publish along with Cory's interlocutors who add  comments that range from witty to paranoid.  I still want to know where he gets the energy to walk as fast as he does and publish as much as he does.

Andrew Sullivan: He writes a lot and covers everything.

Lifehacker:  Quite frankly, the site was better a couple of years ago, but they do provide lots of geeky advice about technology and organizing one life.

The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet:  The Daily Beast surveys the news and updates top stories regularly.  I can check in here and not have to channel surf and risk seeing the demonic Nancy Grace.

Yankton Press & Dakotan Opinion Page: The writers they syndicate don't really impress me, but the letters to the editor and the local editorials let me keep up on local news.  The comment trolls frequently provide ghoulish entertainment as they cannablize each other. gives me my pop culture geek fix.

Conor Friedersdorf:  Quite frankly, I should hate this guy.  He's younger, better looking, and says what I want to say better than I can.

Eunomia and Rod Dreher at The American Conservative.  I'm counting these guys as one.  Dreher gave the world the term "crunchy con" and Larison has good foreign policy insight.

South Dakota War College because I think I have to.  Actually, the site used to be good, but now there are too many posts straight from the Repbublican Party Headquarters or Thune/Noem office press releases.  Although, in fairness, this post is a pretty good reminder that principles should produce actions.

That's what I make sure I get to every day.  Anything grand I'm missing?


caheidelberger said...

On SDWC: "The site used to be goo...." That's pretty much all I found there today!

LK said...

As I have frequently said, my keyboardingskills suck.

Recent work certainly is "goo"

yanktonirishred said...

HEY!!! I'm one of those who has battled for truth, justice and the American way on the P and D boards. I stopped commenting. There is no one on there that truly wants change. NO ONE, that and their refusal to print their names makes it fall into an almost "My dad can beat up your dad" school ground feeling.

Merry Christmas to you Leo. We should get together for a cocktail or two some time.


LK said...

Merry Christmas to you as well, Shane. I will have no social life until debate season ends. After that, get back to me