Friday, December 16, 2011

The 12 Day Of Christmas Reasons Students Won't Be In Class Next Week

I guess I'm not in the Christmas spirit yet.  With sincere apologies to the composers and lyricists who gave us "The 12 Days of Christmas," here's a really bad and cynical adaptation.

12 Early Family Christmases

11 Colds and counting

10 Parents who live out of state

9 Chances to earn overtime

8 Ski trips with the church youth group

7 Last minute shopping trips because it's Mom's day off

6 I'm too tired from last night's band concert

5 I couldn't find my bling

4 I'm not ready for the test

3 My car wouldn't start

2 My brother needs me to get him from the airport

And My car hit the partridge flying out of the pear tree.

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caheidelberger said...

Note: my French students have new pen pals in France. The French kids got out for Christmas vacation yesterday. My kids get out this coming Thursday. Why do those godless socialist French kids get more Christmas break than we do? Who's waging the real war on Christmas? :-D