Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beauty And News Is In The Eyes Of The Beheld

I know that beheld may not be a word.  I am probably taking this situation more personally because I am daily becoming older and uglier.

At the Madville Times, Cory points to this Shad Olson rant about Congresswoman Kristi Noem.  Olson writes.
Noem's lithesome presence and winsome, Plains-tough, ranch girl spunk make her a politician eminently easy to root for.  Frankly, it is that like-ability alone that has probably spared her from an even harsher appraisal of early disappointments.  While that pretty face-free pass is close to expiration, her success remains her own to write, provided she's a quick enough study to realize that the mere perception that she's emulating her predecessor, even in dribs and drabs, will relegate her to early political obsolescence.
I have to give Olson some credit for being honest.  It's takes guts to admit that one has been taken in by a "pretty face" and a bit of winsomeness.  More importantly, Olson admits that Noem has gotten a free pass because of her looks.

I wish more media folk would admit that subject's attractiveness determines how subjects are covered and how much coverage they get.

For example, the Yankton Press & Dakotan recently decried lack of coverage of the Occupy Wall Street action.
THUMBS DOWN to the general lack of coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protest occurring in New York City and spawning similar protests around the United States and the world. The hundreds of protesters encamped near the nation’s financial capital are calling for an end to things like Wall Street corruption, political corruption and joblessness. As reported by Media Matters for America, the protest received only 24 mentions on cable news channels between Sept. 17-27. Other outlets have been similarly disinterested. Compare that to the 100 times cable news channels covered Tea Party protests between April 9-19 in 2009. One wonders if, were it the Tea Party camped out on Wall Street for more than a week, major news outlets would cover it incessantly.
Of course, one could find coverage like this article entitled "Photos of Sexy Occupy Wall Street Protesters"

The article features pictures of Goethe girl

Then there's this young woman who questions both Mitt Romney's corporate policy and the death penalty.

To the article's credit, it gives males even more non-coverage.

Lest I forget, there's the media frenzy surrounding Amanda Knox aka Foxy Noxy.

I'm willing to grant the entertainment media the right to discriminate based on physical attractiveness.  I'm not willing to cut the news media the same slack.  Either the Wall Street occupation is worth covering or it isn't.   The Knox story should be newsworthy based on its merits not Knox's attractiveness.  Perhaps things have been this way since the Black Dahlia, but the 24/7 cable news cycle seems to make the predominance of pretty people news obnoxious.

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