Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Prediction That Should Be Construed As A Guarantee

The enviably concise Bob Mercer reports about South Dakota's growing number of independent voters.
It happened again in July. Independents increased in number and in percentage of South Dakota’s total voter registration. The monthly statewide numbers show that, from July 1 to Aug. 1, the Republicans and Democrats slipped while independents went up.
Republicans fell from 240,224 to 239,752, while Democrats dropped from 193,959 to 193,514. Independents rose from 88,719 to 88,818.
Here are some further indicators of this natural trend toward independent registration. Since the October deadline to register to vote in the November 2010 general election, independents have increased by more than 3,600. Republicans during the same span are up by just about 2,000, while Democrats are down by just about 700.
Bottom line: Of an approximately 4,800 increase in voter registration since Oct. 18, 2010, independents are responsible for 75 percent.
 The only point to add is these numbers indicate that the 2012 legislature will produce more of the same.

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