Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Does None of This Sound Reassuring?: Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Update

I've mentioned flood threats to Nebraska's nuclear power plants before.  I'm not predicting disaster, but I am getting a little knot in the pit of my stomach.  Many media outlets seem to be ignoring the story.  This morning's Daily Beast Cheat Sheet doesn't mention the food threat to Fort Calhoun plant.  It does find Charlie Sheen important.  To it's credit it does also mention the fire threatening the Los Alamos plant.

This story should  get more coverage than Sheen or an 80 year old mobster.  This New York Times article reports
Vital equipment like generators, pumps and controls are dry, according to the power company and to Mr. Jaczko, who spent a couple of hours clambering over walls of sandbags and inspecting waterproof barriers, some of which were added in recent months at the commission’s insistence.
I'm not really convinced that having people spend "a couple of hours clambering over walls of sandbags" means the plant safe.  The following also gives me pause
Technically, what the plant is undergoing is not a flood but a “water event,” as the regulatory commission classifies it. But Fort Calhoun has clearly been outflanked by the Missouri River, first at its front door and now at its back door as well. The only access route to the plant is over a sinuous path of catwalks built over the submerged parking lot and walkways in recent weeks.
When bureaucrats replace clear nouns like "flood" with bureaucratic jargon like "water event," I get nervous.  Plus, "outflanked" has some military connotations that make me think something might soon be "breached."  That's something that shouldn't happen to defenses or nuclear reactor cores.

Finally, this Times photo just scares me.


yanktonirishred said...

I don't know how to feel!!! No one is having a benefit concert to tell me how to feel!! There isn't a celeb on the TV telling me who to be angry at! HOW SHOULD I FEEL!?!?!

LK said...

I have to make one point really clear. I am not hosting a benefit concert just so 49 bad singers can do their horrible renditions of "Feelings."

You're on your own Shane

yanktonirishred said...

What if we got Clapton and Townsend?

No Flooded Nukes concert '11. Live from the sand hills.

Jackson Brown isn't doing anything...no reason he can't show up.