Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mother Nature vs Humankind: Advantage Mom?

Humanity has harnessed the atom and can live in cities.  Mother Nature may be saying "So What?"  The New York Times reports that flooding is affecting two nuclear power plants in Nebraska.  The Times writes
Much of the attention has been focused on the Fort Calhoun plant because of recent concerns about its preparedness and the dramatic images of the structures surrounded in all direction by water, as if rising out of a lake. Earlier this month, the plant briefly lost power needed to cool the spent fuel pool after a fire that remains under investigation.

Last year, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission cited the Fort Calhoun plant for not being adequately prepared for floods and rated the safety violation in the “yellow” category, the second most serious. The agency ordered changes because it said that under the plan in place at the time, a major flood could cause core damage.
After Fukushima nuclear power has drawn world wide attention. According to The Nation, Russia has issued a report that accuses  the US of ignoring the dangers at the Fort Calhoun reactor.
A shocking report prepared by Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) on information provided to them by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant located in Nebraska.
The Russian report
. . . confirms independent readings in the United States of “negligible release of nuclear gasses” related to this accident it warns that by the Obama regimes censoring of this event for “political purposes” it risks a “serious blowback” from the American public should they gain knowledge of this being hidden from them.
In addition to the April 9 incident at Fort Calhoun, The Times article reports
Downriver, where the record water level set two decades ago has been broken, the Cooper plant near Brownville is still producing power, though Sunday it put out a “notification of unusual event” on Sunday.
In addition to these threats caused by flooding on the Missouri, 11,000 residents of Minot, North Dakota had to evacuate their homes because of the Souris River's rising levels.

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caheidelberger said...

When the Russians start telling us we aren't being sufficiently careful with our nuclear plants, something is very wrong.