Wednesday, June 22, 2011

These Immortals May Be Extremely Pretty and Flawed

I know one shouldn't judge a book by its cover or a movie by its trailers or pre-release publicity, but this USA Today article about the upcoming Immortals frightens me.

Readers are cautioned not to compare the movie "to a comic book movie" but the article contends the film "touts itself as an Avengers for the historical set, an all-star lineup of mythological icons including Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo and King Hyperion."  Apparently consistency isn't going to be one of the films hallmarks.  I can live with that.  The Greek gods were a capricious lot.

The article continues to take away hope for satisfying mythological fare, however, when it summarizes the plot.
Set after the mythic Greek struggle between the gods and titans, Immortals tells the story of Hyperion, mad with power, declaring war on humanity and amassing an all-star team of irritable immortals. Mankind is no match until Theseus steps up as a ringer for team human.
Cast members claim that it will be "more grounded" than a comic book film even though it "celebrates exhibitionism." Therefore, the movie avoids "getting too deep in . . . Greek mythology" and seeks to become "300 meets Gladiator . . .an ab fest."

My skepticism is kicking in.  I am afraid audiences will be forced to endure mythological adaptations like the 1981 Clash of the Titans or the 2010 Clash of the Titans.  In fact, I fear that the film could approach lows set by Demi Moore's Scarlet Letter.

I may have to buy a season of Xena: Warrior Princess just to gain perspective on camp.


yanktonirishred said...

This won't be good at all. Have you read Super Powers by Alex Ross? Greek mythology done in a super hero setting and done very well. Comparing the myth of caped crusader with the myths of old.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see it...but seriously, and I have studied my share of mythological and symbolic meaning, mythic fiction leaves me cold. i would as much watch rain dropping on ferns.

LK said...


I think the only Ross think I've read is Kingdom Come. I like his art.


Is there any symbolic meaning in the example that you chose?