Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's Behind Dorr Number 3?: A This Week In Opt Outs Special Comment

Door Number 1:  Yesterday I wrote about Tea Party people who want eliminate public education 

Door Number 2:  The Madville Times discussed South Dakota Republican Party's decision to hire an out of state person as the party's executive director.

Dorr Number 3:  Yankton residents who oppose the school district's effort to opt out may have combined the mysteries behind both doors number one and number two.  There's a rumor that those urging a no vote on the Yankton School District opt out may have created Dorr number three by availing themselves of the services of Paul Dorr, "an activist and home-school parent from Ocheyedan, [who] sells his services to taxpayers who want to derail school bond issues."  Dorr proudly proclaims that he fights bond issues such as the opt out "for a profit."  In 2007, "[Dorr] said he's opposed 54 ballot questions, defeated 46, and that one remains tied up in court."

In addition to being a proud capitalist with a winning record, Dorr seeks to eliminate public education. He believes,
The statist bureaucrats in education (affectionately known as educrats) are and have been self-consciously on a mission to destroy liberty in this nation, by destroying the founding Christian faith that made it possible and replacing it with their humanist group think "New Jerusalem." It has been an offensive action for them from the beginning. They’ve masked their freedom-destroying, anti-intellectual efforts for decades under the ruse of educational "neutrality." Well, the neutrality myth is about over.

These "freedom-destroying, anti-intellectual efforts" have lead Dorr to "'offend' [public schools] in any way that we can to hasten the day of their demise and the restoration of new schools formed and guided by the voluntary association of like-minded parents, grandparents, etc. and paid for with their own money." 

He later writes, "In the struggle for true liberty and in opposition to tyranny, we need to become more offensive minded and show that we have a superior educational program to replace the rapidly failing government system. And we need to do everything else we can to speed it on towards its certain demise." 

There's no doubt Dorr has some extreme views about public education and seeks to eliminate the universal public education mandated by the South Dakota Constitution.  If the opt out opponents have decided to use Dorr's services, they are working with someone who has stated goals that they have said that they don't share.  For example, Charlii Gilson has said that she opposes the opt out "not because she is against funding public education, but rather because she felt the public had a right to vote on the issue."  In her letter to the P&D, Gilson writes, "Let’s get creative and save the most important part: the classroom!"  Neither statement sounds as if she shares Dorr's stated goal to eliminate public education.

Leroy Bring was quoted as saying, "The petition isn’t about voting one way or another, it is about having a say. If we can get a vote, a lot of light will shine in on what is going on and that is a good thing. If they have a great story to tell, they have nothing to fear. But there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.”  Again, this statements doesn't sound as if opt out opponents see eliminating public education is a primary goal.

If they don't want to eliminate public schools, why would they want to use Dorr's services?  Isn't there some other anti-tax crusdader who doesn't support the elimination of public schools?  

People who have opposed Dorr in other campaigns have uncovered details that make the choice to use Dorr's services, if that is indeed happening, even more confusing.  In Lyle, Minnesota
They'd come across more colorful details about him, too. They had heard rumors about him selling Y2K goods. They'd heard that he once accused an Iowa judge of promoting bestiality because she was part owner of a Budweiser distributorship in northwest Iowa. His evidence was an ad featuring a talking chimp who flirts with a woman. (It ended up that it wasn't the judge, but her sister-in-law of the same name who owned the distributorship). All of these stories about Dorr turned out to be true.
Further, "a report posted on the Minnesota Association of School Administrators' website alleges that Dorr "skews" enrollment and test-score information, "distorts numbers and information," and that "his literature is less than truthful." It also acknowledges that he has "a very good legal sense" and "uses the law to get the information that he desires." 

In addition to acting as a bond issue gun for hire, in some cases getting up to $15,000 for a two to six week campaign, and using questionable methods, Dorr also seeks to destroy public schools "to advance the kingdom of Christ." 

When Christ sent out his disciples, he told them not to have "gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat."  Further, they were enjoined, "be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."  Dorr seems to be concerned about the gold in his purse.  Given the summary of his tactics, he also seems to be more like the serpent in the garden rather than a person possessed of the Spirit that descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove.

Some who oppose the opt out claim that those who live outside of Yankton  have submitted "a painless letter [to the editor] . . .since the writer won't have to pony up the dollars on this tax crippling opt-out"  The point seems to be that those inside the school district, not those who have moved away should make the decision about the opt out.  If that sentiment holds true for those who have lived in Yankton and moved, it should also apply to an outside agitator for hire.


Anonymous said...

The situation regarding the Yankton school boards decision to opt-out is not being challenged because the district residents do not want to properly fund education. The opt-out calls for over 41 million dollars and extends for 10 years. Opponents of this claim it is too much and too long a period and believe the school board overstepped its responsibility to the taxpayers.
With or without Mr. Dorr this opt-out is doomed to fail.

yanktonirishred said...

OH Charlii Gilson even here you can't stop spreading the same gospel can you. All over the Press and Dakotan boards and now here. Stop Charlii...just stop. Between this and suggesting that we pay for public education you are just proving over and over that you have little to no grasp on reality.

Shane Gerlach

caheidelberger said...

Dorr was also involved in campaigning against a bond issue in Meade County in 2007:

Note he likes to create opposition groups known by the acronym CARE: "Citizens Acting for Responsible Education"... which I take as a euphemism for "any education other than public education," or the "Pharaoh's schools," as Dorr calls them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, if you don't like the 10 year option, what do you like? How many times to you want to have to go and vote on it? Each election costs thousands of dollars.
How did the board over-step their bounds? They have been warning taxpayers this was coming for several years.
You can condemn but you can solve.
I challenge you to solve and not condemn!