Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Congratulations DDR and Judy Kroll

Via this Madville Times comment, I see that Donus Roberts has been elected to the South Dakota Hall of Fame.  This article lists a few of DDRs accomplishments:
Career: Watertown High School teacher and forensics coach for 40 years;only active coach to be elected to the South Dakota Forensic Coaches Hall of Fame; first South Dakota coach to receive a National Federation Speech and Drama Award; elected to Hall of Fame of the National Forensic League in his first year of eligibility; elected to National High School Hall of Fame in 2005.
I got an email earlier this month that Judy Kroll will be inducted into the National Forensics League Hall of Fame.  The induction will take place during the 2011 National Tournament in Dallas Texas. I can't find a quick on-line bio for Judy, so I'll hit a couple of highlights.  Two of her policy teams placed in the top five at the Portland National Tournament in 2000.  She has won the South Dakota Forensic Coaches Association Coach of the Year award multiple times, and her teams have won multiple SDHSAA state championships.  Suffice it to say, she deserves this honor.

Both individuals possess talent, dedication, energy, and intellect that puts a mere mortal like myself to shame.  They are teachers in the best sense of the word; people who live a life dedicated to thinking and teaching others to think.  They both love learning and the love is contagious, so scores if not hundreds of their students have developed a love for learning as well.  I can think of no person who is more worthy of recognition and enshrinement than DDR and Judy.

Congratulations and thank you for all of the advice and support over the past sixteen years

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