Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Updates and Corrections

I am imperfect and I want to own up to my errors.  For example, the post "I Think Silly Season Will Start Tonight" predicted that the meeting would turn into a "tragic circus."  I was wrong.  News accounts reveal that the meeting had the flavor of a circus but the meeting itself was not tragic.

In this post about libraries of the future, I forgot to add that I agree with Doug Haar when he asserts,
. . . the students’ results would not have been possible without the help of YHS librarian Becky Tasa.
“We are fortunate to have the best librarian in the world in Becky,” he said. “She bends over backwards to get the things we need. Behind every successful teacher is a great librarian.”
Director Tasa is indeed one of the finest people I have ever worked with.

On a far less serious note, I haven't paid as much attention to the end of the world as I should have.  If the reports are true, I am saddened that YHS seniors will have their last day of school on Thursday but not be able to get their diplomas on Sunday.

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