Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Proof That Education Has Failed

Valerie Strauss of The Answer Sheet Blog has started posting a jaw dropper of the week.  This week's is a classic.  There's nothing to parse here, so here's a big paste from the post.
According to the Star Ledger, a student committee at Rutgers University in New Jersey invited Snooki of “Jersey Shore” TV fame to speak to students at two sessions at the Livingston Student Center in Piscataway. Snooki, known to her parents as Nicole Polizzi, was paid $32,000.
That is $2,000 more than university officials offered to Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison to deliver this year’s commencement speech.
Rutgers — and other schools — do not commonly pay commencement speakers beyond their expenses; in fact, Rutgers said that paying Morrison would mark the first time it had done so, the newspaper reported. Her fee will be paid, the school said, not from state or tuition funds but from money Rutgers gets from PepsiCo for exclusivity in vending machines on the school’s several campuses.
Students have yet to hear Morrison’s wisdom, but here, according to the Star-Ledger, was some of what Snooki dispensed: When asked to give advice to students, she offered, “Study hard, but party harder.”
Even though it was students, using activity fees that undergraduate students are required to pay, who invited and paid Snooki and it was school officials who engaged Morrison, the episode could be seen as surprising for various reasons: that Snooki got paid more than Morrison; that Morrison is taking $30,000 to give a commencement speech; that college students thought an appearance by Snooki — star of a reality TV show whose stars spend a lot of time drunk and in bed — was worth $32,000; all of the above.
Even those of us who were in college when Animal House was released agreed:  "Fat, drunk, stupid is no way to go through life. . . ."

Apparently 21st Century students think its acceptable to be drunk and stupid as long as one isn't fat.

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