Saturday, January 12, 2019

South Dakota Senate Acts Like An Abuse Victim

Per Axios, six of the ten states hardest hit by the shutdown voted for Trump. South Dakota is one of those states. Axios points out that "[o]ffices of the USDA's Farm Service Agency, which help farmers affected by China's soybean tariffs, are closed due to the shutdown. Further, agencies including the Indian Health Service and Small Business Administration are shuttered.

Meanwhile, the South Dakota Senate passed a resolution supporting Trump's monument to his own narcissism. Although Senator Stace Nelson's hyperbolic "black wind of death to race across this nation from coast to coast" will likely garner the most attention, it's Senator Lance Russell's plaintive desire to protect Trump from those with "nefarious motives" that indicates the need for an intervention.

After the original resolution was amended to reflect the historically accurate fact that nearly all walls including the Great Wall of China, Hadrian's Wall, and the Berlin Wall fail, Senator Lance Russel worried about Trump's feelings:

Lance Russell, R-Hot Springs, saw the amended version as a watered down version of the original resolution. He said that amending the resolution is on par with "the games that get played in Washington." He said he hopes the amended version doesn't send a message that South Dakota doesn't support Trump. 

The Senate needs to support Trump in constructing a wall across the entire southern U.S. border because the problems Trump is describing aren't "a manufactured crisis," Russell said. Trump is "trying to elevate all of us" by taking on the border issues, he said, adding that the South Dakota Senate needs to support Trump and the amended version of the resolution doesn't do that.

"It is a crisis, and Trump didn't manufacture it," Russell said. "It's been around for a while. ... When we are watering down what we're doing here, I understand the politics of the situation, but this gives people with nefarious motives to question what the president is doing and what he was elected to do."

Let's be clear. If the wall were that important, Trump had a Republican House and Senate for two years. They could have passed the funding, gone to reconciliation to avoid the filibuster, and started construction. Instead, South Dakotans are being hurt and the legislature is looking to protect the person responsible for causing the pain.

According to Russell, South Dakotans need to support Trump even when he creates policies such as tariffs and shutdowns that adversely affect South Dakotans. It doesn't take any reading between the lines to get to abuse victim phrasing: "Trumpie just wants what's best for me; my Trumpie doesn't want to hurt me; he just gets angry sometimes. It's my fault really."


Porter Lansing said...

Elevate this, Senator Russell. Give that man a hand. Well, a finger anyway.

larry kurtz said...

My lifelong Democrat now deceased brother, Herb, wanted President Obama to annex Baja California sparking my drive to beg Mexico to dissolve her constitution and petition for US statehood but under Il Trumpo nothing frightens me more. Trump's desire to withdraw troops from Asia would only lead to the violent invasion of Mexico.

In fact, all the changes that need to happen at the federal level, like moving the Forest Service to the Department of Interior from USDA and remanding the Black Hills National Forest to tribal management is terrifying until Trump goes away.

Let me say this one more time: the South Dakota Democratic Party is a cripple and until principled conservatives like Stace Nelson break away from the scandal-plagued SDGOP and form a viable third party my home state is unfit for habitation for expats like Porter and me.

It's always good to read you, Leo.

Kal Lis said...

Thanks Larry.

I agree that Trump's desire to bring troops back from Syria and Afghanistan is a ruse to set up a war in this hemisphere. I think Venezuela is a more likely target, but with Trump anything is possible.

Porter Lansing said...

In all of USA history there's never been a wartime President that wasn't reelected and there's never been a President who didn't know this.

larry kurtz said...

Recall Lance Russell's mother sold land to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where minor girls are trafficked and raped.

Kal Lis said...


I agree with most of the examples your link provided. IMHO, however, it's less than certain that Johnson would have been re-elected in 1968.


Seriously, she knowingly sold to a known polygamist group? It's not like those practices were or are kept quiet.

larry kurtz said...

According to the original 2008 story in the Rapid City Journal everybody knew.