Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Minor Musing On Civility In The Public Square: Trump Opponents Have To Do Better

Larry Kudlow, one of Trump's economic advisers, suffered a mild heart attack last night. Many people took to Twitter to express sentiments like "Karma is a Bitch."  Kudlow is in public life, so people slamming him for saying that Justin Trudeau stabbed Trump in the back is part of the game. Wishing him continued ill health or celebrating his heart attack is not.

I gave up any minuscule hope that Trump sycophants would develop a sense of decency after reading about the "joke" that people were using a Bible verse to hope former President Obama's days would be short. However, I expect people with the wit to see through Trump's populist bull to have the decency to understand that becoming an ass just because one's political opponent is already an ass does nothing except double the population of asses in a world that's overpopulated with that species.

Part of defeating Trump and his populist cult is showing that there's a better alternative. Relishing the fact that a Trump adviser had a heart attack doesn't illustrate that alternative.

Herein endth the rant


Donald said...

Yeah, no one should wish the guy a heart attack, let alone death, but now he's got a pre-existing condition that would make a person without Obamacare "mandates" unqualified for health care under new Republican ideas for "Trump-I-don't care." Of course, he's lucky he had this heart attack while sucking off the government teat for his healthcare, so, while you and I get to die under Republican "Tramp-I-don't-care," he gets to stick us with his health care expenses, though he's a multi-millionaire.

You know these Republicans don't really care about you or me. I'm on Medicare now, and the Republicans would just as soon take that away from me, or bankrupt me as a result of changes they would make to the program. You know, maybe the only way they will get it is if they have to feel the pain, a little bit. Hopefully, Kudlow, Trump et. al. will learn a lesson here. Probably they won't. Selfish and self-centered as they are, they won't have any empathy for you or me.

Kal Lis said...


Thanks for stopping by.

I agree that most current Republican policies will make life better for the wealthy and worse for the rest of us. Your points about health care are only one issue. I was appalled this afternoon to read that the government is considering tent cities for children separated from their parents as part of the immigration crackdown.

I fear that making politics personal in this case rejoicing that a person had a heart attack benefits the angry voters who put Trump in office while doing nothing to solve health care, immigration, trade, education, infrastructure, or any other problem besetting the country.