Friday, January 2, 2015

Predictions For 2015 Legislative Session

1. There will be talk but little action on anything relating to education funding.

2. Social issues, especially marriage and abortion, will create memorable sturm und drang. More than one socal conservative will espouse the concept of nullification on the marriage issue.

3. Republicans may leave the inflation adjustment of the recently passed minimum wage initiative alone this session, but they will at a minimum lay the groundwork to remove it during the 2016 session.

4. Representative Mickelson will start working his fellow legislators to lay the groundwork for a 2018 gubernatorial run. 

5. Republicans will bury any Democratic efforts at Medicaid Expansion.

6. Over 45% of the legislation proposed by Republicans will be a cut and paste from ALEC model legislation. (As a side note, I probably hate plagairism worse than I hate bad legislation.)

7. Republicans will continue to claim South Dakota has an open government while they continue to caucus behind closed doors.

8. At some point near the end of the session Republican leaders will bemoan a tight budget and without any sense of chagrin or irony congratulate themseleves on increasing all "rainy day trust funds" to record levels.

9. Nothing will be done to correct the practices that allowed Benda/Bollen et al to lose millions in the EB 5 mess.

10. In order to the retain the ability to call other Republicans RINOS, some of the more "conservative" Republicans will form cabal with the expressed goal of ensuring that no legislation that has a Democrat as the prime sponsor will pass. Any Republican who votes for Democratic sponsored legislation including resolutions that praise motherhood, the flag, angels, and puppies will, of course be labeled a RINO.

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